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Charlie Collier


Questions, questions…

What excites you about hair?

The creative freedom, it's an industry that is constantly evolving and a place where you're encouraged to be yourself.

What has been your favourite hair moment?

Meeting Nick Irwin and Rankin at a hairdressing event, they're both really inspiring to me. Getting to watch and learn from people you look up to is amazing.

Who’s your hair icon?

I absolutely adore Anne Veck. In college I had to research her for homework, her Avant Garde work opened up my eyes to a new world of hairdressing.

What’s your favourite product right now?

I am loving Arkive The Prologue. It is a great base product for all hair types and I love to use it on everyone, plus the smell is gorgeous!

Tell us about your favourite hair?

I love anything a bit bold or out there, bright colours and lots of texture. Hair is the best way to express yourself :)

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